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  • Persuasive

    Purposefully written: Capturing your experience, aiming at your career ambitions.

    Professionally designed: Modern, clean & sophisticated resume designs (optional).

    ATS optimised: Keyword and format optimised to ensure you get noticed by the right audience.

  • Powerful
    LinkedIn profile

    Personalised content: We shape your experience, ideas and professional values into a powerful profile.

    Targeted positioning: Carefully crafted to put you at the forefront of your industry and sector.

    SEO boosted: LinkedIn is a search engine. Your profile will be packed with keywords to boost your name in the search ranking in LinkedIn and Google.

  • Professional

    Purposefully written Professionally created to encapsulate your body of work and inspire the reader.

    Uniquely tailored Crafted to help you land a coveted board position, speaking engagements, or other PR opportunities.

    Professionally designedModern, sophisticated and sleek design to help you stand out from the competition.

  • Compelling
    cover letter

    Tailor-made: Drafted towards either a new job opening or towards your specific industry.

    Professionally designed: Match your cover letter design with the resume.

    2x the kick: Equip yourself with a cover letter that puts your best foot forward and gets you noticed.

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    Rising talent

    Less than 10 years experience

    You receive:

    Powerful resume

    ATS optimised (Word)

    Professionally designed (PDF)

    Covering all submission methods

    SEO boosted LinkedIn profile

    Engaging content

    SEO tips & tricks
    Full LinkedIn profile overhaul

    Unique background image

    Professional bio

    Expertly designed to match resume (PDF)

    Word version for easy future amendments

    Tailored cover letter

    Written towards either a job opening or industry-specific

    Word version for easy future amendments


    30-min brand strategy phone call

    3 full rounds of amendments to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    $1,596 $1,348

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    The boss

    More than 10 years experience

    You receive:

    Powerful resume

    ATS optimised (Word)

    Professionally designed (PDF)

    Covering all submission methods

    SEO boosted LinkedIn profile

    Engaging content

    SEO tips & tricks
    Full LinkedIn profile overhaul

    Unique background image


    Professional bio

    Expertly designed to match resume (PDF)

    Word version for easy future amendments

    Tailored cover letter

    Written towards either a job opening or industry-specific

    Word version for easy future amendments


    30-min brand strategy phone call

    3 full rounds of amendments to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    $2,046 $1,599

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All orders include 3 full rounds of amendments within 14 days of receiving the first drafts to ensure 100% client satisfaction.
*Australian customers only - pricing is exclusive of GST.

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    Complete our questionnaire and share your career ambitions
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    Put your feet up: We do the heavy lifting for you.
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    Review & provide
    your feedback
  • 04

    Get more results: branding that outsmarts the competition

Elo works:

Our clients success stories.

If you are like me and fully focused on your firm’s brand and simply hadn’t focused enough on your own brand then I would highly recommend talking with Luke and the team from Elo Branding. Luke took me through the simple process of looking at all the ways I present to a market and helped me present in the best possible way. The process is simple and relatively quick so well worth the effort.

Rob Kimber
Chief Information Officer, Australia

Kate and the team at Elo Branding took my 20 plus years of technology experience and consolidated the information into one powerful and concise branding message across my resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter.

Kate’s attention to detail was evident and the ability to take complex topics putting them into easily understandable strategic summaries was invaluable.

Bob Millington
Chief Information Officer, United States

Kate Allinson was outstanding in the design and creative process for my updated resume, cover letter and importantly my LinkedIn page. Even I was not actively pursuing new opportunities, I felt it was important to have an updated/modern online profile and resume. The changes Kate & the team at Elo Branding implemented on my LinkedIn is already paying dividends with multiple recruiters reaching out to me on opportunities in the few weeks that my updated profile has been active. My resume redesign has clearly and efficiently highlighted my strengths and successes and I would highly recommend to any professional at any stage of their career to look into using Elo Branding.

Doug McCarley
National Sales Manager, United States

“Working with Luke and his team of talented writers and designers has been an absolute pleasure. From start to finish, the process was seamlessly run and I was kept well informed along the way.

I would highly recommend seeing these guys for a slick and modern personal brand.”

Sam Hartstone
Category Manager, New Zealand

Working with Kate Allinson and ELO has been a joy.

Kate made my personal branding experience painless and created a great resume, bio, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. She took my own words from a phone interview and resume and highlighted things that I would have never chosen. She turned my resume and bio into branding material that made all my colleagues say, “that’s exactly who you are.” I’m grateful to Kate for helping me upgrade my personal brand and make it consistent across all of my documents and social media.

Glenn Loomis
CEO, United States

I engaged Elo Branding to aid in establishing a personal brand and resume that enabled me to capture a leadership position in the sports sector. Kate and her team produced a well-designed resume and LinkedIn profile that portrays my skills and talents in a very professional manner. Kate is the consummate professional and worked to ensure I was satisfied. I would give her and her team the highest recommendation for someone looking to build their personal brand. You will not be disappointed!

David Potamianos
Director of Corporate Sponsorship Sales, United States.

I initially had some reservations about paying someone to craft a professional resume for me, but when I saw the finished product, I knew I had made the correct decision. Luke and the team at Elo Branding are absolutely the best and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to put their best foot forward in their resume, LinkedIn profile and bio.

They were responsive and professional the entire time! The finished product is something I can be proud of and present to anyone seeking to fill a position. If you have reservations like I did, rest assured you are in good hands with Luke and his team. Well worth the investment!

Chris Birth
Senior Area Sales Manager, United States

I could not be more pleased with the work of Kate Allison and ELO Branding. The work they did on my resume and LinkedIn profile turned the data from my career history into a polished product. Their understanding of what recruiters and hiring managers look for is invaluable. Kate’s sense of urgency, responsiveness, and attention to detail made me realize right away, I was dealing with real professionals.

Alex Vohr
Vice President, United States

Luke and the team at Elo have been most helpful in highlighting my profile as an executive, looking very professional and well worded to highlight my experience. They worked under tight deadlines and delivered an exceptional outcome. I would recommend any executive looking for some branding advice to definitely have a chat with Luke and Kate, to begin with.

Neyhaa Srivastava
National Business Development Manager, Australia

We use professionals in our life every day from doctors to lawyers so why not use professionals to help sell yourself!

Luke and the team at Elo have made an invaluable contribution to my working life by transforming my resume and LinkedIn profile so that my best foot if put forward. Without their keen insight into what recruiters are looking for and what makes me unique in the market I would not be getting the attention on-line for new opportunities. I found Luke to be efficient and reliable with a fast turn-around time. The attention to detail and knowledge of LinkedIn really helped to boost my profile. A great investment for my future! Thanks Luke!

Joanne Bjelanovic
CFO, Australia

Kate was an incredible find and valuable resource with my LinkedIn profile. She really helped me focus and define what areas of my profile were mission-critical. When I did that and provided useful details and information she crafted a well-composed and thoughtful professional business summary that I was very satisfied with on time and budget!

David Fishman
CEO / Founder, United States

It was a pleasure working with Kate and the team at Elo; her friendly and helpful advice was fantastic. Kate helped make the process simple; and the resulting Resume, Bio, etc. that she delivered exceeded my most ambitious expectations.

Colin Holland
Chief Financial Officer, Australia

I would have no hesitation in recommending Luke Curulli and Elo Branding.

Before meetingv Luke, I had considered my CV and profile to be on target. However, after having Luke and his team cast their eye over the content, they recommended a list of enhancements mainly to capitalize on the ATS software being used by executive recruiters and companies alike.

In a few days, Luke transformed my resume and LinkedIn profile to a super professional standard which many people have already commented on how it stands out from the crowd in a positive way. It’s a valuable RIO for those wanting to promote their profile in the best way possible to impress people. Luke and his team are very passionate about helping people come across in the best way they can.

Vincent Pesquet
CEO | Digital Technology Expert | Global Business Strategy Sydney, Australia.

Luke and his team did an amazing job on my resume! The turnaround was very fast and very well written. I especially love the design of my new resume! Highly recommend!!

Colton Weiss
Associate Director, Australia

It is with much satisfaction and no hesitation that I recommend the services of Luke and ELO. I initially dealt with Luke and then followed by Kate. I found both to be very responsive and in tune with requirements. The final results are excellent and delivered within the promised timeframe.

Hymie Jechilevsky
CEO, United States

I am very impressed with Luke’s service: efficient, professional and very quick turn around times. The quality of my professionally designed resume and cover letter as well as my improved LinkedIn profile have already received very positive comments.

Thomas Schmitz
Senior Manager, Singapore

Luke and his team at Elo Branding are top-notch. If you are looking to improve your personal brand using your resume, bio and LinkedIn – look no further. Elo Branding is the way to go. Their service and content they provide back to you in professional design is amazing. I plan to use them anytime I need this again in the future. Thank you!

Gabe Muller
CEO / Founder, United States

I recentlyworked with Kate Allinson to update my resume, LinkedIn profile and bio for the speaking circuit. Kate and her entire team at Elo Branding were professional, responsive and fast! They listened to understand what I needed to accomplish, provided multiple recommendations and ultimately created a fantastic product! I could not be more pleased with their work.

I will definitely work with them again in the future and encourage others to do the same!

Matt Singleton
Chief Operations and Accountability Officer, United States

Luke and his team at Elo Branding were exceptional from concept to completion. They worked with me to develop a strategy and clearly align my branding with my target audience and career objectives. I am extremely happy with the final products and the level of personal service I received. Would highly recommend Elo if you are serious about positioning yourself as a leader in your market.

Theo Forebath
Managing Director, United States

I recently worked with Kate on a personal branding exercise and she exceeded all of my expectations. I would highly recommend Kate’s services for anyone looking to transform or update their personal brand.

Suzanne Deeming
CEO / Founder, Australia

I approached Elo Branding to develop a specialised resume that was not the normal corporate type. They had to really understand my passion and skillset, translating that to a more storied approach for my desired next position. I understood that they focused on C-Suite executives, however, the finished product, attention to detail and level of service was impressive when challenged with a nonstatus quo industry. Highly recommended as a company that listens and delivers on your unique personal brand.

Chris Grant
Project Manager, Australia

I had the pleasure of working with Kate on my LinkedIn profile and new company page and was really happy with the results. Kate very quickly grasped what I needed and condensed a lot of information into the most important elements. My profile and bio were beautifully written and had all the key SEO needed to get the right eyes on the profile and company page. I really look forward to working with Kate again on future projects and will certainly reach out to her for my clients.

Chitra Ragavan
CEO / Founder, United States

Kate and her team did an amazing job in identifying areas of improvements in my resume and LinkedIn page and were able to significantly enhance my profile whilst focusing on the essential core elements that constitute a long career.

Kate’s ability to concisely and effectively reduce a long and boring resume to an impactful two-page document goes a long way to showcase her professionalism and dedication in truly providing a personalised service.

If you are seeking to take a very fresh and new look at documenting your working life, seek no further than Kate Allinson and Elo Branding.

John G. Werner
International Chief Operating Officer, Singapore

The team revamped my personal brand which has made a noticeable impact to my business success. My new documents are an effective tool for leveraging networking and speaking engagements

Tom Berryman
Lead Generation Expert, Canada.

“Kate Allinson was an absolute pleasure to work with! Brimming with ideas and very proactive, Kate was quick to demonstrate exactly how Elo Branding could help me with my resume, LinkedIn profile and bio and then apply that. We were in daily communication and got a finished result (of which I was very happy with), in just over a week.

Her client service was extremely professional and she bought a positive solution to any curveball I threw at her. I would not hesitate to recommend Kate.”

Nick Nikolareas
Senior Sales Manager, Australia

“It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with Luke and his very dynamic team at Elo Branding on my new resume, LinkedIn profile and bio.

I found Luke and his colleagues to be very proactive, extremely efficient, reliable, engaging and delivered work with a fast turn around, ahead of project deadlines. This is a company that will prepare you and put you on the right path fast for your next career move.”

Paul Aher
Director of Business Development, Australia

Kate and team at Elo Branding were a great help in redesigning my resume for the next chapter in my career. I was just kicking off my efforts to identify potential public company board opportunities and needed some fresh perspectives and approaches to help improve my outdated resume. Kate and the team helped me redesign and structure my resume in a manner that will certainly help accelerate my board search process. I highly recommend Kate and the Elo Branding team. The services and value they deliver far exceed the price charged.

Anthony “Tony” Boor
Chief Financial Officer, United States

Kate and the team made updating my professional branding so simple. I’m very pleased with the finished products and feel they did a great job at highlighting my value and leadership in the industry.

I’d highly recommend working with the Elo team if you’re looking to create a new brand for yourself or refresh your professional documents.

Aaron Harch
CEO, Australia

Kate was fantastic to work with. Throughout our engagement, she showed genuine care for my needs and through her exceptional skills helped transform my executive brand. I highly recommend Kate!

Henry Sowell
Chief Technology Officer, United States

In my search for a new role, I needed help re-tooling my resume to blend my past success with what I ultimately wanted to pivot to in the future.

Before chatting with Luke, I had no understanding of how to actively navigate the world of leveraging keywords on my resume in online applications, getting past tracking software, and getting in front of HR managers.

After a 20 minute personal conversation with Luke (all the way from the other side of the world) and a follow-up form submission on my end, I now have the most complete, professional resume that I have ever had. I’m now prepared to attack new opportunities with confidence and I have Luke and his team to thank!

Mark Cook
Sales Professional, United States

“Elo Branding is absolutely the most professional and easiest resume company to work with. They were efficient, fast and really great about answering all my questions. I can’t thank them enough, my resume came out amazing!”

Gabrielle Matthews
GoPro, Hong Kong

Kate was extremely helpful in further developing my resume after some time away from full-time work as a consultant. The team at Elo produced a professional and resume, LinkedIn profile, bio and cover letter that immediately stood out to my target organizations and demanded attention. I would highly recommend anyone to use the team at Elo for a personal branding refresh.

Chris Mitchell
Strategy Director, Singapore.

I highly recommend Kate to build your professional brand. Initially, Kate takes time by carefully understanding your education, past experiences, work history, and future ambitions. Next, Kate crafts a well written, ATS optimized, an achievement-oriented resume that tells your story rather than just a chronological employment history. Kate then will re-work your LinkedIn profile, utilizing the latest SEO keywords, matching the resume she crafted. Together with a matching Bio and cover letter, all professionally formatted with Abobe InDesign, your professional brand is current and ready to use.

Keith Stillings
Business Consultant, South-East Asia

Kate and team at Elo Branding were a great help in redesigning my resume for the next chapter in my career. I was just kicking off my efforts to identify potential public company board opportunities and needed some fresh perspectives and approaches to help improve my outdated resume. Kate and the team helped me redesign and structure my resume in a manner that will certainly help accelerate my board search process. I highly recommend Kate and the Elo Branding team. The services and value they deliver far exceed the price charged.

Anthony Boor
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, United States

I had the pleasure of working with Kate a few months back and have to say she exceeded my expectations. She was very helpful, patient and responded quickly to questions I had. She is a true professional and takes time to make sure every last bit of detail is exactly the way you want it. I would recommend her to anyone who would like an expert to work with them on their branding. Thanks Kate!

Twain McDougal
National Sales Executive, United States

Q and A.

Answers to your frequently asked questions.


We have a network of more than 100 writers, including certified career coaches, former and current recruiters, and professionals with specialised experience in more than 45 industries. This ensures we can pair each client with someone who is a strong match for their needs. Eloquence recruits and vets our writers based upon the unique value they can bring to our clients.


Absolutely. Send your resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile to the email: with a note explaining your current situation and career ambitions. We’ll match your resume and/or LinkedIn profile to the career direction you want to take, and send you some pointers to help you improve either document.


Our LinkedIn profiles are SEO formatted and constructed in a way that boosts profile visibility when potential clients or employers, are searching for your industry, job title or service offering. Exactly like Google search engines. Always promoting you and your skills while being consistent and reflecting your professionalism. Having your profile written by an Elo professional writer will also ensure the content is concise, sharp and punchy. It is online promoting you 24/7 so understanding the reach and power of a professionally written LinkedIn profile has, is key to maximising your reach. LinkedIn is not a resume, so in saying that, allow us to tell your story clearly while engaging customers or prospective business partners.


ATS stands for Applicant Tracking Software/Systems. This is screening software companies/recruiters use to shortlist applicants when applying for any corporate position. It has certain algorithms, which no matter how experienced you are, pick up on key words and formatting then reduce the number of applicants down to normally 10 – 15 from upwards of 2000 initial applications. It is a careful balance to have a high key word count while also maintaining the professional content stays consistent and expressive. All our resumes at 100% ATS optimised to ensure your resume doesn’t get stuck in the ‘ATS gates’.


We provide all documents in Word versions for you to easily amend in the future. If you’d like updates made to the designed version of your resume, changes start at $99 depending on the level of amendments.   


Resumes: ATS optimised version will be in Word document. Designed version will be in a PDF document.

Cover Letters: Word document and PDF document (if it’s also been professional designed).

LinkedIn profile: Word document, laid out in the correct LinkedIn profile template. As mentioned above, we can also update your profile for you if you’d prefer.


It comes down to the time it takes to properly research and reshape someone’s personal branding documents. For example, if you have a 10-page resume covering your 10+ years of work experience, it’s going to take us longer to write your documents compared to someone who has under 10 years of experience with a one-page resume.


To turn off two-step verification:

  • Click the ‘Me’ icon at top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Click ‘Settings & Privacy’.
  • On the Privacy tab, click Security on the left rail of the screen.
  • Click Change next to Two-step verification.
  • Click Turn off.

Note: You may be asked to enter your password for security purposes


Only if you’d like to us to update your profile for you. We provide you with a LinkedIn profile that’s drafted in the LinkedIn profile template for easy ‘copy and paste’ if you’d like to update your profile yourself.

If you’d like us to do it for you, all we require is your login details and for you to temporarily turn off the two-step verification. Your login details are automatically deleted from our server once your profile is up to date and you’re happy with the result.


  1. We receive your payment and completed questionnaire
  2. We get to work on your new documents and liaise with you should we require any additional information.
  3. You receive your documents in Word format for content approval
  4. We work closely with you to make any amendments and changes
  5. Once you’re 100% happy with the content we have your resume professionally designed up and it’s ready for you to commence your job search.


Once we have the completed questionnaire and preferably a copy of your existing resume, we can turn around your new documents within 5 – 7 business days. From there, you have 14 days to submit any amendments or updates (as much as three full rounds of amends). After 14 days, each round of amendments will be charged at an additional $50.